About Us

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Kelly BevWay® Systems Co. was established in 1989 to service the Beverage and Food Industries´ need for an Application Specific System for containment and distribution of beverage lines. Kelly BevWay® recognized both the inconsistent and expensive methods of beverage line support and containment in use at the time. Taking this into consideration together with the health and fire hazards associated with exposed beverage lines, Kelly BevWay® created products and systems to address these growing concerns. The company's first clients included Restaurants, Hotels, and Clubhouses and soon expanded to include Sports Venues, Casinos and Entertainment Facilities. Today, Kelly BevWay® services a host of markets wherever Beverages are dispensed.

Since its inception, Kelly BevWay® has grown into one of the nation's premier companies servicing architects, consultants and contractors involved in the design and construction of sports stadiums & arenas, resorts, hotels & casinos, entertainment & convention centers, restaurants & restaurant chains as well as business & institutions.

Kelly BevWay® continues to be an invaluable resource for design, layout and sizing of Beverage Conduit and Chase Systems and Components and serves a growing variety of markets.