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All Products are available in sizes from 2" to 10".  Large inventory ready for immediate shipment.

Tube (detail)

Lightweight Kelly BevWay® Aluminum Conduit is available in 10’ and 20’ lengths and is Bell Ended for quick assembly. Installation time is greatly reduced over other products such as EMT or Rigid Pipe. Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel and PVC are also available as specific Project Conditions may require.

Bend (detail)

Long Radius Kelly BevWay® Bends eliminate pinched lines allowing for constant, unrestricted beverage flow. Bends are available in 24" to 72" radius measurements. Standard Bends have a Radius of 24” for 4”, 30” for 6”, 32” for 8” and 32” for 10”. In addition to standard 90 Degree Bends, Pre-Made 45, 30 and 22 Degree Partial Bends are also available.

Coupling (detail)

Kelly BevWay® mechanical bolted coupling systems assures liquidtite joints while simplifying installation, resulting in reduced costs. Couplings are required for Bend Connections and Field Cuts. All Couplings are (4) Bolt style for Secure, Rigid Joint Connection and are supplied with Bolts pre-installed to eliminate loose parts in the filed.

Pull Sleeve (detail)

Kelly BevWay® Pull Sleeves simplify installation, testing and maintenance by allowing easy access to beverage lines at any designated location. Pull Sleeves are typically installed every 100 feet or every 3 bends to assist the line pull by beverage line installers. No hangers are required, so installation time is reduced.

Box Assembly (detail)

Kelly BevWay® Pull Boxes are provided to accommodate beverage line junctions or multiple changes in direction. All Pull Boxes are full metal construction with removable access panels. Pull Boxes are available in any size and can be fabricated with Nipple Connections welded in place, or can be supplied with Nipple Plates for field installation.

Nipple Plate (detail)

Kelly BevWay® Nipple Plates are supplied for connecting to Pull Boxes when Conduit System field dimensions are yet to be determined. Pull Boxes can be fabricated and delivered to the jobsite long before actual centerline connection dimensions are known. This reduces lead times while allowing for easy field installation.

Hanger (detail)

Double rod, two-piece hanger assemblies are the best method of securing Kelly BevWay® Conduit runs to provide stability during installation of beverage lines. Clevis Type Hangers are not recommended, as the Conduit Systems may tend to move or give way in the direction of the line pull when only a single rod is used.

End Fitting (detail)

Kelly BevWay® Flared End Fittings, installed at each end of a conduit run, provide a smooth finished edge to guard against cutting and tearing of beverage lines and insulation.

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