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Setting Specifications Standards

From CAD designs and layouts to precision manufacturing of materials, to complete installations, you can be assured of products and systems that meet or exceed your specifications.

Exacting System Specifications

  1. The Beverage Line Conduit Systems to be installed hereunder shall be 4", 6", 8" or 10" as specified on the Food Service drawings, corrosion resistant Aluminum conduit tubing, conforming to ASTM-B313 and ANSI-H26, and H35.1, as manufactured by Kelly BevWay Systems Co., Chicago, IL, 312-733-5901.
  2. Bends shall be long sweep type, of the same grade and coated in the same manner as the tubing specified above. Minimum centerline radius of all bends shall be 24" for 4"O.D., 30" for 6" O.D., 32" for 8"O.D., and 32" for 10" O.D. No segmented elbows or short radius plumbing elbows shall be permitted.
  3. All joints shall be made with a liquidtite mechanical bolted coupling system or liquidtite slip coupling system. Edges of tubing and bends must be deburred and smoothed prior to forming joints. Expansion sleeves with a moisture barrier must be provided where the conduit crosses building expansion joints, liquidtite integrity maintained.
  4. No spiral formed tubing or duct, or other unsmooth interior tubing or conduit will be permitted. PVC shall be used only for underground and other buried portions of the systems, Schedule 40 type with Long Radius Sweep Bends, 24” for 4” PVC, 30” for 6” PVC and 48” for 8” PVC.
  5. Multi-Clamped Pull Sleeves, four (4) feet long minimum, must be provided for continued access to beverage lines in accessible locations approximately every 100 feet or every three (3) bends, whichever occurs first. Where junctions are required, Pull Boxes having adequate inside dimensions for pulling and turning will be provided in place of a Pull Sleeve.
  6. Conduit system terminations shall be stubbed-up 4" above finished floor unless otherwise called out on drawings. All floor penetrations shall be sealed with a UL approved firestop assembly method.
  7. All terminations shall be finished with a rounded slip fitting end-mouth having a smooth bell-shaped swaged outer edge.
  8. Support hangers will be double rod type and spaced on 10 foot centers. Support hangers will be provided within 1 foot of each Pull Box.